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August 2014 Archives

New Jersey man faces drunk driving charges after incident

When police are called to the scene of a crash, they may investigate whether alcohol or any other type of impairment was involved and whether to charge anyone with the commission of a crime. This was the case recently in New Jersey as police responded to a car accident. The incident ended with a man from Lafayette facing drunk driving charges.

After wife found dead, New Jersey man faces drug charges

When police respond to a situation at any residence, what they find or what they think may have happened at the scene can lead to criminal charges against an individual. When police went to a New Jersey home recently, they found a woman inside who was deceased. They then charged the woman’s husband with drug charges.

Man faces additional charges of sexual assault in New Jersey

When individuals stand accused of a crime, they may have sentencing guidelines to think about. However, if more charges are filed, the possible penalties from an original charge may be compounded. For one New Jersey man facing charges of sexual assault, having additional charges filed may impact how the cases are pursued and what kind of defense options he may have.

New Jersey man on house arrest face drug charges

Whenever there is a drug investigation, police could seek to initiate a search homes of those suspected of committing a crime. If those individuals are already on probation or on house arrest, any drug charges that come about may add to their legal troubles. Recently, the police in New Jersey arrested a man who was the subject of a house arrest already. He now faces drug charges.

Woman arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey

Whenever police pull someone over, they may not want to comply with what the officers ask. However, not complying can lead to other charges in addition to the charges officers may find relevant in relation to why they initially pulled the suspect over. A recent incident in New Jersey has resulted in a woman facing drunk driving charges along with other charges related to her alleged behavior.