Whenever there is a drug investigation, police could seek to initiate a search homes of those suspected of committing a crime. If those individuals are already on probation or on house arrest, any drug charges that come about may add to their legal troubles. Recently, the police in New Jersey arrested a man who was the subject of a house arrest already. He now faces drug charges.

The incident that led to the arrest reportedly involved the man allegedly selling drugs to police officers who were working undercover. The drug in question was said to be heroin. Police claim to have found a weapon, marijuana and what they describe as a “significant” amount of heroin in the house.

At the time of the arrest, the 25-year-old man was under house arrest and was being monitored electronically. The reason for the house arrest was not reported. Bail was set for the man at $25,000.

Any kind of drug charges in New Jersey can have potentially serious legal consequences. When those accusations are in addition to other criminal charges, the accused individual could be facing high fines, jail time and/or other penalties. When it comes to drugs being found in a home, the method of search and the legality of a search are all vital pieces of information. Defense counsel will ordinarily conduct an extensive review of the arrest record and other available information to determine whether appropriate legal challenges may be advanced regarding the evidentiary items proposed by prosecutors. Moreover, the focus will likely remain on ensuring that all of the legal rights of the accused man are honored at every stage of the coming proceedings.

Source: northjersey.com, “NJ man under house arrest sold drugs”, , Aug. 9, 2014