A 29-year-old New Jersey man is facing drugs and weapons charges related to allegations that he ran a virtual pharmacy. On June 6, the man was stopped by authorities for allegedly driving erratically. Authorities say that a K-9 unit found a number of drugs in the man’s car at that time as well as more than $4,500 in cash. A search of the man’s New Milford apartment reportedly resulted in the discovery of more drugs, blank prescription pads and weapons. A grand jury indicted the man on the charges in September.

Police claim that among the drugs found were cocaine, morphine, Xanax, MDMC, Viagra and others, including a number of other prescription drugs such as muscle relaxants. The search also allegedly uncovered a stun gun, a .44-caliber handgun and drug paraphernalia.

Due to the seriousness of drug charges and weapons charges, the man may wish to work with an attorney. Furthermore, since the man is a Russian citizen, he may face deportation. Even if he is currently residing legally in the United States, his immigration status could be at risk if he is convicted of a crime. This may add an extra layer of complexity to his defense.

An attorney might offer several defense options for someone in a similar situation depending on the strength of the prosecution’s evidence. If a defendant chooses to plead innocent, his or her attorney may focus more on trying to obtain a lighter sentence. This might be done via a plea deal with the prosecution in which the defendant pleads guilty in exchange for having some of the charges dropped. A plea deal might also involve a defendant exchanging information for a lesser sentence.

Source: NorthJersey.com, ” New Milford man charged with having virtual pharmacy, weapons”, Peter Sampson, September 25, 2014