Authorities say that 16 people were taken into custody on drug possession charges following information being supplied by a Morristown police officer. The information led to a five-month probe that involved 23 law enforcement agencies and netted the suspected drug traffickers. One interesting aspect of the case to police was that most of those taken into custody were over the age of 40, with the oldest in custody being a 69-year-old man.

The investigation that concluded on Sept. 10 allegedly led to the seizure of 930 grams of cocaine, which was estimated to be worth $93,000, in addition to roughly four pounds of marijuana. Also reportedly seized were 13 vehicles and almost $7,000 that was believed to be the result of drug sales. The drug ring was said to have spanned across Bergen, Morris, Union, Passaic and Hudson Counties in addition to New York.

Of those taken into custody, 10 were sent to jail on bail ranging from $100,000 to $500,000 with no 10 percent option. Four others were released on their own recognizance while one was to be extridited to New Jersey from Riker’s Island. A 45-year-old man was held on $10,000 bail with no mention of whether he was eligible for a 10 percent option. Several of those taken into custody had past convictions for violent crimes.

Those who are facing drug charges may face jail time, a fine or probation. If a defendant is being charged in relation to an alleged drug ring, a defense attorney could demonstrate that even if a defendant was acquainted with other accused individuals, it does not mean that the defendant was aware of criminal activities. If any of the prosecution’s evidence was uncovered during an illicit search and seizure, the defense could have the evidence suppressed.

Source: , “Prosecutor: Morristown cop key to 16-person drug bust”, Kevin Coughlin , September 11, 2014