Two New Jersey men were apprehended and charged for allegedly making a fake roadblock. The incident occurred on Nov. 2 on the New Jersey Turnpike’s Newark Bay Extension. A motorist’s dashboard camera reportedly captured the two men on video. According to the driver, when he came upon the roadblock, he reportedly asked if the men needed assistance. However, when one of the men reached into his pockets, the driver fled the scene and alerted police.

New Jersey State Police claim they also received a second call about the roadblock and vehicle parked on the roadside. Officers responded to the scene and detained two men. One of the men was charged with a DWI offense.

Reports claim that investigators are still unclear regarding the men’s intentions or motives that night. The man charged with DWI was a 37-year-old resident of Orange. The second man, a resident of Jersey City, was taken into custody for hindering. The first driver told reporters that the situation might have escalated into a hijacking or a robbery if officers had not been alerted.

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