Two separate incidents on Nov. 17 led to the arrests of two New Jersey men on various gun and drug charges. Both incidents happened in Newark. The first occurred around 3:45 pm on Central Avenue. According to authorities, two officers were conducting a quality-of-life patrol when they allegedly spotted a man walking down the street with a gun in his pocket. Police say they followed the 21-year-old man to a nearby business.

When police approached him, they claim he had a loaded .38 special revolver. The man was detained on charges of unlawful possession of a weapon. There was no word on whether he was held on bond or when he would make his first court appearance. There were also no reports that he had used the weapon to hurt anyone or commit any other crimes.

The second incident occurred at the intersection of Schley Street and Chancellor Avenue around 9 p.m. Police responded to a call about a man selling drugs near the intersection. Authorities allege that the responding officers watched a 24-year-old man complete a drug sale near the location. When they approached, they claim he fled on foot.

He was apprehended and police claim that a loaded .380 caliber gun fell to the ground while he was being detained. Two vials of cocaine and six envelopes of heroin were also reportedly in his possession. He faces multiple charges including resisting arrest, drug possession, certain persons prohibited weapon and unlawful possession of a weapon.

If convicted of similar charges, an individual could face time in jail, fines and probation. A sentence may depend on whether a defendant previously committed offenses or if he or she was on probation at the time of the arrest. A criminal defense attorney could formulate a strong defense or help negotiate a less severe sentence.

Source:, “Alleged drug dealer among 2 armed men arrested by Neward police”, Dan Ivers, November 18, 2014