A 49-year-old New Jersey man was taken into custody on Dec. 13 on outstanding warrants and suspicion of having committed an armed robbery on Dec. 10. The armed robbery allegedly happened at a Montclair restaurant.

According to reports, a man entered the restaurant wearing a ski mask. He showed an employee the grip of a handgun tucked into his waistband when the employee was unable to open the register. The individual then took $107 in cash from a customer. Police were summoned by alarm and 911 call after the individual fled. No one was reported injured in the incident.

Three days later, New Jersey State Police say they detained a man who had open warrants and a handgun. He is now facing charges linked to weapon possession and robbery.

The man may wish to work with an attorney on his defense. Gun charges as part of the commission of a crime may sometimes carry severe penalties. However, an individual in a similar case might have a number of options available for defense depending on the type of evidence the prosecution has assembled. For example, if an individual is linked to a crime like this by eyewitness description, it may be possible to dispute the positive identification. Eyewitness accounts may be wrong.

Another option might be working out a plea deal. In a plea deal, an individual would plead guilty to some charges and avoid a trial. In return, the individual might receive a lighter sentence.

An attorney might examine how an individual is taken into custody. If at any point in the process an individual’s rights are violated, charges might be dismissed altogether.

Source: Maplewood Patch, “Police arrest suspect in armed robbery of Essex County Restaurant”, Emily Everson, December 16, 2014