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January 2015 Archives

The process of plea bargaining

People accused of committing crimes in New Jersey might benefit from understanding more about how plea bargains work. While some argue that defendants often agree to plea bargains out of ignorance or fear, there are several benefits to reaching a settlement agreement with the prosecution. Some of the common benefits defendants receive by reaching a plea bargain include avoiding the publicity and complications that come with trial, avoiding the stigma associated with some sentencing and receiving reduced sentencing.

4 people facing drug charges after incident in parking lot

Police in New Jersey took four people into custody on Jan. 9 after allegedly witnessing a drug transaction. The incident took place in Elmwood Park outside of a Pathmark supermarket on Broadway at about 5 p.m. All four of the accused individuals received charges for drug possession.

Mayor charged for drunk driving

On Dec. 20, a New Jersey mayor was accused of driving drunk in Woolwich Township. The incident took place around midnight, and it involved the mayor of Paulsboro. Although the case was originally going to be heard by Woolwich Township's municipal judge, the judge has removed himself because he is also the municipal judge for Paulsboro.