Police in New Jersey took four people into custody on Jan. 9 after allegedly witnessing a drug transaction. The incident took place in Elmwood Park outside of a Pathmark supermarket on Broadway at about 5 p.m. All four of the accused individuals received charges for drug possession.

Police began to watch the scene in the Pathmark parking lot after noticing a vehicle stop that they thought looked suspicious. After the first car stopped, police saw a second car pull up alongside it. Police then allegedly witnessed a drug deal take place between individuals in the two vehicles. Ultimately, authorities seized a half-ounce of crack cocaine and 50 bags of heroin as a result of the incident.

In addition to the charges for drug possession, a 49-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man both received charges for possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute. A 31-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman were also both charged for possession of drug paraphernalia. After they were detained, the four individuals who were accused of participating in the drug transaction were all released on their own recognizance. It is unclear when their court hearings have been scheduled to take place.

A person who has been charged after an incident like this might have a number of different defense strategies available to them. For instance, an attorney might argue that their client unwittingly became caught up in a drug transaction while riding in someone else’s vehicle. Another defendant might be able to have their charges reduced by establishing that police violated their rights during the search and seizure.

Source: NJ.com, “Police: 4 charged in Elmwood Park supermarket parking lot drug deal”, Noah Cohen, Jan. 10, 2015