According to authorities, an 18-year-old Newark man was arrested and charged in connection with an armed robbery that occurred on Dec. 28. Reports indicate that the alleged robbery happened around 8:25 p.m. in a driveway of a Hillsdale Place home.

Reportedly, the alleged victim was sitting in his car in the driveway when he was approached by three men that he said were all wearing hoodies. The man claimed that one of the men pointed a shotgun at him and ordered him out of the car and to lie on the ground. He says the three then stole his iPhone and wedding band before fleeing.

The 18-year-old was arrested on Dec. 29 as he was driving in the city. Police stated that he was found to be driving a vehicle that might have been connected with another reported shotgun robbery. Three law enforcement agencies worked together in order to take the teen into custody. It is unclear how the officers connected him with the shotgun robbery incident that occurred on Dec. 28 or if the other two suspects have been identified or located at this time.

People who are accused of armed robbery may have defenses available to them. Charges of committing a crime are simply allegations and are not evidence that the person who is charged committed the offense. Instead, if the case goes to trial, prosecutors will be required to present the case to a jury or court at trial and prove the elements of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. In some cases, prosecutors may be willing to negotiate plea offers to lesser offenses in the event that they may have proof problems with the case as charged. The burden of proof is set high in criminal cases because criminal matters involve the potential loss of liberty.

Source:, “Newark man suspected in string of shotgun robberies arrested, police say”, Jessica Mazzola, December 31, 2014