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February 2015 Archives

Man reportedly altered DWI crash scene

According to police, a New Jersey man poured water on the road in an attempt to cover up a drunk driving accident. He and a friend were both taken into custody on DUI charges. The man reportedly drove a black, 2001 BMW disobeyed a stop sign and struck a guardrail close to the intersection of Sawmill and Woodport roads. Following the accident, the driver allegedly drove the vehicle to his home nearby and returned to the accident scene in a friend's car.

Bill may change penalties for DUI in New Jersey

A bill currently making its way through the New Jersey legislature has the potential to change how drivers who are convicted of DUIs are penalized. The bill's sponsor indicates that the purpose of the bill is to address the problems associated with automatic revocation of first-time DUI offenders' drivers licenses while also stiffening the penalties for repeated DUI offenders.

single-car accidents and DWI convictions

On Feb. 4, a man crossed the center line of a divided New Jersey highway, drove off the other side of the road and crashed into a tree. Police at the scene said the man appeared disoriented. Galloway police charged the man with a DWI offense. Although no one was injured at the scene, recovering the man's car disrupted traffic for over 45 minutes.

Police say NJ doctor forged prescriptions to sell drugs illegally

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration detained a New Jersey man on Jan. 21 after he allegedly conspired with a drug dealer to sell high-dose pills illegally. The 56-year-old Canandaigua VA Medical Center doctor, who is from Roselle Park, is accused of writing fake prescriptions for people he never examined.