New Jersey gun owners may be interested in a controversial firearms case involving a legally-owned firearm. The incident occurred on Sept. 20, 2013 in North Brunswick. The subject of the case is now unable to secure stable employment as a result of what he believes to be a questionable arrest. At the time, the man was employed as a security guard for a company that transports money to banks.

The man claims that on the morning of the arrest, he was unloading his 9mm handgun inside his vehicle before he abruptly shoved it into his glove compartment in an attempt to conceal it from his six-year-old sister’s line of sight. He was driving with his girlfriend when he was pulled over for a traffic stop later on that night. He informed officers about the gun and turned it over when he noticed it next to his registration inside the glove compartment.

Police cited him for an expired registration, confiscated the gun and told him to bring his credentials to the police department on the next business day in order to retrieve the weapon. He had purchased the handgun a month earlier and owned it legally, but had not yet received his permit for actually carrying the firearm. He was arrested at the police department the next day when he brought in his credentials. He was charged with second-degree felony unlawful possession of a firearm for not having the actual permit.

Anyone accused of committing a serious offense may benefit from consulting a criminal defense attorney. Legal counsel can help the accused construct a viable legal strategy that may result in the charges being withdrawn. It may be possible to obtain evidence that can be used to exonerate the defendant and have the case dismissed or the sentence reduced.

Source: FOX News, “New Jersey man seeks pardon after legally owned gun makes him convicted felon” Cristina Corbin, March 18, 2015