Law enforcement officers with the Vineland Police Department reported that a 16-year-old boy was charged after he allegedly bit a teacher on the arm. The incident happened on March 26 at the Creative Achievement Academy, a school located in Vineland.

According to reports, the teen became upset when he was told to stay after school for detention. He then allegedly attempted to leave the room. When the teacher tried to prevent him from doing so, the teen reportedly pushed the teacher and then bit him on the arm.

The school called the police to the scene, and the teenager was taken into custody on an allegation of aggravated assault. The teacher reportedly refused medical attention but did receive first aid from the school’s nurse. Officers transported the teenager to juvenile detention where he was charged as a juvenile before being released into the custody of a family friend.

When a juvenile faces an assault charge, their case might proceed through the juvenile justice system. In the event that an alleged assault is especially violent in nature, prosecutors may instead choose to file the juvenile’s case in adult court. Matters charged in juvenile court may expose to penalties such as juvenile detention, probation and counseling. As the judicial system is complex and may be difficult to navigate, people may want to seek the help of a criminal defense attorney who accepts juvenile crimes cases. An attorney might be able to help their client by negotiating with the prosecutor in order to obtain favorable pleas. They might also help by taking a case to trial in the event such action is warranted.

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