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June 2015 Archives

Police must inform you of Miranda rights prior to questioning

Being questioned by the police can be a very unnerving experience. For one thing, the police are typically better educated regarding legal processes than most of the people they interview. And in some cases, they may not be completely forthcoming regarding the reason they are talking to someone. But should you ever be questioned, remember that you have what are known as "Miranda rights."

Risky teen behavior can have long-term consequences

The distance created by the passing of years can sometimes make it difficult for an adult to remember what it was like being a teenager. During these formative years, teenagers have a level of energy and emotion that can be exhilarating, confusing and at times even a bit scary. But one thing that is sometimes difficult for a teen to contemplate is how the actions of today can lead to the consequences of tomorrow.

Several arrested at music festival on drug charges

The approaching spring and summer months will bring opportunities for people to go out and enjoy such activities as festivals and music shows. These gatherings often boast a party-like atmosphere. But when partaking in such festivities, it is important to remember that you are often in a public venue and the authorities may be carefully monitoring your behavior. Recently, it was reported that troopers discovered several individuals in possession of illegal drugs at the Mysteryland Music Festival in New York. They are now facing felony drug charges after allegedly being caught with cocaine among other substances.

Sexting may lead to child pornography charges for minors

Often people discover their sexuality during their teenage years. It is perfectly normal and healthy for teens to find outlets of sexual expression. However, some forms of sexual expression can prove ill-advised. In fact, a teen may even face sex crime charges for certain behavior.