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July 2015 Archives

How are legal proceedings different for juveniles?

Being picked up on criminal charges can be a stressful and frightening experience for a young person. Likewise, the young person's parents must also endure a great deal of anxiety as they try to piece together what happened and what will happen next. One important thing for parents to understand is that the juvenile law system operates differently from the adult law system.

Why it is good idea to call a lawyer quickly after an arrest

It is said that he who hesitates is lost. Of course, we can likely all think of times when we should have been more prompt in responding to a situation. And while we may regret our occasional acts of procrastination, most of the time we can find ways to make up for the mistakes or at least promise ourselves to do better next time.

For how long must a sex offender register with authorities?

Federal law requires that states maintain a system that monitors and tracks convicted sex offenders after they have been released back into society. The Federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act is a comprehensive law that holds that those convicted of sex offenses must register and stay updated with a state's authorities. Failing to contact the local sex offender registry is a federal offense.

Woman charged with DWI after being report by business owner

Drunk driving is taken very seriously in the state of New Jersey. Not only are the state's law enforcement officials always on the lookout for those they suspect may be driving while intoxicated, but citizens may also issue reports, if they believe someone is too impaired to drive.