Many people engage in the use of marijuana. And while some may take a casual attitude toward the drug, it is important to remember that in New Jersey, those arrested for possession can face criminal charges.

The severity of penalties levied for marijuana possession depend on the amount of the drug seized during a search. If you are accused of possessing up to 50 grams of marijuana, you could be convicted of what is called a “Disorderly Person” offense. The maximum penalty for this offense is imprisonment for up to six months and a fine of as much s $1,000.

Being in possession of amounts of marijuana exceeding 50 grams is considered a 4th degree crime and the penalties are more excessive than those for Disorderly Person offenses. If convicted of this level of possession, you could receive as much as 18 months imprisonment and a fine not exceeding $25,000.

So, as we can see, being convicted of marijuana possession can have a serious impact on your life. If you are ever stopped and searched for suspicion of possession, remember that you have rights. Police are legally obligated to perform all aspects of drug arrests within the boundaries of what is allowed by the U.S. Constitution. For instance, authorities must have just cause to stop you.

If you are ever arrested for possession of marijuana, an experienced New Jersey drug crimes attorney may be able to help you form a strong defense. If an investigation of the arrest indicates that your rights were in some way violated, you may be able to have the charges dropped. Even if it appears the charges will hold, the attorney could work toward helping you get them reduced.