It is said that he who hesitates is lost. Of course, we can likely all think of times when we should have been more prompt in responding to a situation. And while we may regret our occasional acts of procrastination, most of the time we can find ways to make up for the mistakes or at least promise ourselves to do better next time.

But you may find yourself in a situation where a quick response is absolutely critical. For example, if you are ever arrested, you have many reasons to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

When law enforcement officials believe you have committed a crime, they may take a very aggressive approach toward getting you to confess. By having an attorney present, you can have someone to speak on your behalf. The attorney can also inform you of your legal rights and options regarding pleas.

Another reason to contact an attorney quickly is that the attorney will have a better chance of performing a successful investigation of the crime you have been accused of committing. The longer you delay, the more difficult it becomes to gather evidence or locate potential suspects or witnesses.

The attorney may also be able to help you get your bail set at an affordable rate. Without experienced representation at your bail review, you may have your bail set too high and be stuck in jail until the resolution of your case.

Contacting an attorney in a timely manner after an arrest can make a big difference in how your case proceeds. The New Jersey law firm of Johnson & Johnson serves those who are facing criminal charges. You can read about our criminal defense services on this website.