Drunk driving is taken very seriously in the state of New Jersey. Not only are the state’s law enforcement officials always on the lookout for those they suspect may be driving while intoxicated, but citizens may also issue reports, if they believe someone is too impaired to drive.

Recently in Sparta, a local business owner called the police to report a woman who was having difficulty maintaining her balance while in a store. The business owner suspected the woman was intoxicated. A police officer was dispatched to the scene. Upon his arrival, the officer encountered the woman as she was attempting to leave in her car.

The officer stopped the woman and conducted a field sobriety test. On the basis of the test results, the woman was placed under arrest for DWI and taken to police headquarters. While in custody, the woman refused a request to submit to a breath test. She was charged for this refusal as well for DWI and careless driving. Hours later she was released.

A defendant in such a case may find it difficult to successfully fight the charges alone, but there are possible options. For example, the case may be dismissed if it can be demonstrated that the field sobriety test was not conducted properly. A defendant may also be able to provide the court with an explanation as to why he or she appeared intoxicated.

But mounting a defense against DWI charges takes an understanding of the legal process. It is important to be able to dissect the details of an arrest in order to find any mistakes or inconsistencies. You have rights and those rights should be protected regardless of the circumstances.

If you ever receive drunk driving charges, you may benefit from having an experienced New Jersey criminal attorney provide you with advice and representation.

Source: TAPinto.net, “Intoxicated Sparta Shopper Arrested for DWI,” Jennifer Dericks, June 23, 2015