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August 2015 Archives

Welcome changes made to New Jersey's juvenile justice system

Ideally, New Jersey's juvenile law system should serve not just to punish, but also to offer help to incarcerated young people. After all, the function of an effective penal system should be to reform those who have been convicted of crimes, not set them on a path of continued recidivism.

It is best to start quickly when forming a defense strategy

To achieve success in any endeavor, it is important to set goals and prepare a strategy to meet those goals. Having an effective strategy is especially critical when dealing with situations that could have long-term effects on your life. Certainly, an arrest on criminal charges qualifies as a potentially life-changing event.

What are some possible defenses for drug possession charges?

Many of those who face drug charges are ordinary people who have never committed any other serious crimes. In fact, it is not unusual for the police to arrest someone who is simply in the vicinity of where the drugs were located. Others may be charged for carrying a small amount of a controlled substance intended strictly for personal use.

Ignition interlock device laws in New Jersey

Most motorists are well aware that the state of New Jersey takes the prosecution of those accused of driving while under the influence very seriously. The possible penalties for DUI convictions include fines, loss of driving privileges and even jail time. But in addition to these forms of punishment, the court may also require the installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

Teacher charged with sexual assault may have medical defense

Being charged with a sexually related crime is extremely serious. In many cases, a conviction can lead not only to incarceration, but also to having to register as a sex offender upon release. In short, a conviction for a sex crime can have long-term consequences. Society can be very harsh in its judgment of those who have been convicted of having committed sex crimes.