To achieve success in any endeavor, it is important to set goals and prepare a strategy to meet those goals. Having an effective strategy is especially critical when dealing with situations that could have long-term effects on your life. Certainly, an arrest on criminal charges qualifies as a potentially life-changing event.

Of course, there is no “one size fits all” plan that you can employ for all criminal charges. Every charge, be it felony or misdemeanor, has its own set of criteria regarding the severity of penalties that may be imposed if the accused is found guilty. And every arrest has its own set of circumstances. Plus, each individual will have his or her prior record brought to bear when authorities attempt to determine a possible punishment.

To defend yourself against criminal charges, it is important to compile as much relevant evidence as possible to demonstrate your innocence or to minimize the perceived severity of the crime. Putting everything together to present a strong case is where strategy comes in.

And it is best to begin forming a defense strategy as quickly as possible. This is why it can be extremely beneficial to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately following an arrest. An attorney can use every extra minute to track down other suspects or witnesses who may be able to attest to your lack of involvement in a crime.

At Johnson & Johnson, we are experienced in developing legal strategies that help give our clients the opportunity to get the best possible outcome for their situation. Please take a look at our page about criminal defense where we explain how we may be able to use our experience and knowledge to help you.