Being charged with a sexually related crime is extremely serious. In many cases, a conviction can lead not only to incarceration, but also to having to register as a sex offender upon release. In short, a conviction for a sex crime can have long-term consequences. Society can be very harsh in its judgment of those who have been convicted of having committed sex crimes.

This is why it is so important for those facing sex crime charges to formulate a strong defense. If, for example, it is established that someone engaged in illegal sexual behavior, it may help that person’s case if it can be demonstrated that he or she had a condition that contributed to the commission of the act.

Recently in New Jersey, a female school teacher was charged with having sexually assaulted six male students. However, the teacher’s attorney claims she suffers from a condition that leaves her unable to control her impulses. The condition, called “frontal lobe syndrome,” is also known to make it difficult for sufferers to recognize when they are violating social norms.

The attorney explained the teacher’s condition is attributable to brain surgery she had after experiencing complications caused by her first pregnancy.

This situation demonstrates how sometimes it is possible to look beyond a person’s actions to get a better handle on why he or she may have acted out in a manner considered inappropriate. The explanation for the actions could form the basis of a defense.

If you have been charged with a sex crime, you may wish to confide in an understanding criminal attorney. Rather than judge you, the attorney could look into your personal background and possibly find a legitimate defense for the events that led to your arrest.

Source: NJ.Com, “Teacher in sex assault case couldn’t control behavior due to brain disorder, lawyer says,” Bill Wichert, July 22, 2015