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September 2015 Archives

It can be beneficial to stay calm when facing drug charges

There are very few things in life more daunting than being pulled over by the police. This is very much by design. The lights and sounds emitted by squad cars are intended to put drivers on the defensive. It is very easy to feel out of sorts and even disoriented when an officer begins to interrogate you. However, when you are stopped by the police, it is important to do your best to remain calm.

What will you be asked to do during a field sobriety test?

Being pulled over by the police is almost always a daunting experience. If the officer suspects that you may have been driving while impaired, you will likely be asked to perform a series of tasks that are designed to help demonstrate your level of sobriety.

Lewdness charges could have serious consequences

There is no question that a conviction for a sex crime can negatively impact your personal life. Even if you serve your time after receiving a prison sentence, you will likely have to register as a sex offender. As we previously detailed on this blog, being a registered sex offender places you under long-term scrutiny from the authorities.