There are very few things in life more daunting than being pulled over by the police. This is very much by design. The lights and sounds emitted by squad cars are intended to put drivers on the defensive. It is very easy to feel out of sorts and even disoriented when an officer begins to interrogate you. However, when you are stopped by the police, it is important to do your best to remain calm.

Officers are required to have just cause to pull a driver over, or even to simply approach a parked car. If they believe any of the vehicle’s occupants are in possession of illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia, they may perform a search. Should that search uncover such contraband, it is possible that all occupants of the vehicle could be arrested.

This is where staying calm can be useful. Police must follow very specific steps when executing a search and seizure. Your ability to recall exactly how the police conducted their duties could help reveal any violations of your constitutional rights.

In order to help you demonstrate any such violations to the court, you could benefit from the assistance of a New Jersey criminal defense attorney. An experienced attorney could use your testimony as a basis for creating a defense strategy. The attorney could also look at all the arrest documentation and other evidence to build as strong a case as possible.

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