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October 2015 Archives

Young person's invention can demonstrate alcohol consumption

Police departments in both New Jersey and across the country employ a variety of methods to determine if motorists are driving while under the influence. When a suspect is pulled over, authorities have a battery of field sobriety tests that challenge the suspect's ability to concentrate and maintain physical balance.

What acts might constitute sexual assault?

If you are ever arrested and charged with sexual assault, you will likely be extremely anxious about how the charges will impact your life. Any serious sex crime charge could lead to imprisonment and affect your reputation and standing in the community. However, because a wide variety of acts could be considered sexual assault, it can be an especially complex charge to fight.

It is preferable if juvenile charges are handled off the record

It is not unusual for young people to test boundaries. In fact, acting boldly can provide a young person with very valuable learning experiences. However, problems can arise when bold behavior runs afoul of the law. The fact is that should a minor go too far and get into serious legal jeopardy, he or she could face very negative long-term consequences.