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November 2015 Archives

If charged with a crime, you have the right to a speedy trial

If you are ever charged with a crime, it is quite likely that one of the hardest things with which you will have to contend is the agony of not knowing what your future holds. This is especially true if the crime you are charged with is such that you will have to go on trial to defend yourself. In such a case, your entire life hangs in the balance.

Holiday drinkers may be more vulnerable to DUI charges

Whether it's office parties, gatherings with friends or visits to relatives, the holidays offer many opportunities for socializing. Often, having a couple of drinks is part of such get-togethers. This is perfectly appropriate as holidays are meant for celebrating. However, unless you are limiting your festivities to the confines of your own home, you will likely be getting on the road when going to and from parties.

Man avoids jail time for alleged sexual assault

Recently, a 52-year-old man, who is a former director of Ocean City's beach fee office, entered a guilty plea to charges of official misconduct and criminal sexual contact. The man had originally been charged with second-degree sexual assault in 2012. In early 2015 charges of official misconduct and endangering the welfare of a child were also added.

Interventions may help juveniles get back on the right track

You can do your level best to be a good parent, but sometimes a child will have issues. These issues can manifest themselves in a variety of undesirable behaviors. For reasons that can be hard to fathom, a child may begin to act out in ways that may ultimately result in serious long-term consequences. And things, such as cutting class or simply acting in a disrespectful manner, can soon escalate to the point where the child is being picked up by the police and even facing criminal charges.

The benefits of contacting a lawyer after being arrested

A jailhouse is, by design, an extremely uncomfortable place to be. If you are ever arrested, you will likely not want to spend one minute longer in custody than necessary. Law enforcement authorities understand this fact, and they try to use it to their advantage.