You can do your level best to be a good parent, but sometimes a child will have issues. These issues can manifest themselves in a variety of undesirable behaviors. For reasons that can be hard to fathom, a child may begin to act out in ways that may ultimately result in serious long-term consequences. And things, such as cutting class or simply acting in a disrespectful manner, can soon escalate to the point where the child is being picked up by the police and even facing criminal charges.

Often parents can successfully address their child’s behavioral problems through discipline or other means. However, when such issues begin to get out of hand, parents may need to seek some outside help. When trying to control an unruly juvenile becomes an overwhelming task, New Jersey parents can reach out to the Juvenile/Family Crisis Intervention Unit for assistance.

The Crisis Unit attempts to resolve family issues through counseling and can provide aid to parents whose children exhibit such behaviors as:

  • Truancy, when the child is habitually absent from class without the consent or knowledge of the parents.
  • Running away, when the child goes missing from home without the permission or knowledge of the parents.
  • Being involved in family disputes, which may pose a threat to the child’s and family’s safety and well-being.

In addition, the Crisis Unit can also make recommendations regarding where the family can get help if the child is having problems with drugs or alcohol.

A well-timed intervention may be able to help get a child back on the right track. But if a child should be arrested and charged with committing a juvenile crime, then he or she will need more than an intervention.

If your child gets in trouble with the law, a New Jersey criminal attorney can act to help make sure his or her constitutional rights are maintained. The attorney can also work toward getting your child’s charges dismissed or reduced.