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December 2015 Archives

A DUI conviction may lead to a prolonged treatment program

In New Jersey, if you are ever convicted of driving while under the influence, you will be facing a number penalties and potential inconveniences. It is possible that you may have your license suspended, which would certainly limit your freedom and mobility. You will likely have to find alternate forms of transportation just to get to work or run errands. You may have to pay fines or even serve a jail sentence.

Different reasons may motivate false accusations of sex crimes

Being falsely accused of having committed a sex crime is an emotionally taxing experience. What's more, if you should actually be convicted of the alleged crime, your life and reputation could be irrevocably damaged. Given the seriousness of such charges, it is hard to believe that anyone would actually issue false allegations against another person. Unfortunately, it does happen.

How are drugs categorized?

As you are likely aware, there are many kinds of drugs that are deemed illegal in this country. Some of these drugs, such as Valium and Xanax are legally available to consumers, but only by prescription. Other drugs, such as heroin or crystal meth are not legal under any circumstances.

New technologies provide new ways for teens to get in trouble

On the surface, life has changed vastly for young people in the last 25 years. Annoyed parents may even chide their teenagers with sentences that begin with words like "When I was your age..." This may be followed by a speech about how today's young people would not have survived in the days before cell phones, texting and the Internet.