On the surface, life has changed vastly for young people in the last 25 years. Annoyed parents may even chide their teenagers with sentences that begin with words like “When I was your age…” This may be followed by a speech about how today’s young people would not have survived in the days before cell phones, texting and the Internet.

While these technological advantages may have given young people the opportunity to be in constant connection, there are a lot of drawbacks to having a 24-hour a day social life. The fact is, technology is merely a superficial change. Mentally and emotionally, the young people of today are no different from any other time in history.

It has always been incredibly important to teens that they are accepted by their peers. Socialization is a significant part of growing up. However, acceptance can mean going along with the crowd. The pressure to be part of the group can motivate some young people to take unnecessary or dangerous risks.

Some risks, such as drinking, shoplifting and taking drugs are things teens have been doing for years. However, now, teens can also engage in such illicit activities as sexting, cyberbullying and even computer hacking. What’s more, they can even do these things in their bedrooms when their parents think they are doing homework.

If a child gets in serious enough trouble that he or she is facing criminal charges, the consequences could be serious and long lasting. In some cases, being subjected to the juvenile justice system can do more harm than good.

As such, if your child is arrested on a juvenile crime charge, it may be a good idea to solicit the services of an attorney. Juveniles have rights and at Johnson & Johnson, we work to ensure that those rights are protected. We invite you to look over our website where you can learn about our approach to handling juvenile criminal cases.