They say that bad luck comes in threes, meaning that once you experience some bit of misfortune, don’t be too surprised if the fickle hand of fate is about to deal you a couple more mishaps to go with the first. For whatever reason, most of us experience little runs of bad luck from time to time. Often this bad luck affects you on a purely personal level and has no legal consequences. However, it is all too easy for a person to experience a run of legal misfortune.

For example, let’s say you are a good driver and have not gotten so much as a parking ticket in years. Then one day you get ticketed for speeding, which seems like no big deal. But that month, you have a personal crisis that distracts from paying the ticket. Then one morning, as you are rushing to work, the police stop you for a broken taillight and discover there is a warrant for your arrest for not paying the ticket.

Now, what started as a simple traffic ticket has cascaded into an arrest on top of all the other things you are dealing with in your life. You may have your license suspended, you’re facing fines, and your auto insurance rates will likely increase. It is not uncommon for one tough break to lead to an expensive series of issues. It is for this reason that every violation or minor criminal charge should be addressed promptly so as to halt the bad luck in its tracks.

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