Being in a relationship with anyone, be it marriage or another form of commitment, can be a challenge. There are so many pressures, such as household finances, that can create tensions. And sometimes couples can have very strong disagreements. While such disagreements are a normal part of any relationship, often things can come to a boil and conflict ensues.

In such cases, one of the parties may contact the police to report an act of domestic violence. Once this occurs, the accused party is put on the defensive. The accused may be arrested and even issued a temporary restraining order. When this happens, an alleged offender will likely want to explore possible defenses against the charges.

If you are in such a situation and believe you have been unjustly charged, there are several possible lines of defense you may be able to employ depending on your circumstances. For example, you could argue that an incident of domestic violence was due to the other party posing an imminent threat. If you acted to protect yourself or your children from harm, then it is possible to claim your actions were in self-defense.

Also, there are instances where someone will file a false report against a partner as an act of spite or reprisal. Such instances are often related to divorce or child custody issues. Proving that you were falsely accused typically involves looking over eyewitness testimony and police records to demonstrate inconsistencies in the accuser’s statements.

These are just two possible defenses you could use to fight domestic violence charges. But regardless of the direction you choose to take, it is generally best to have the assistance of a criminal defense attorney who is versed in domestic violence laws. The attorney can investigate the accuser’s claims and help you prepare a defense that protects your rights as you pursue a fair outcome.