We would like to believe that a person’s life during his or her teen years are happy and carefree, but this is not always the case. In fact, the teen years can be a very stressful time. Teens are faced with constant physical and emotional changes. There are pressures to do well in school and to fit in with others. And all of this occurs without the benefit of experience; everything is new.

So it is little wonder that some teens may experiment with drugs. They may do so to be part of a crowd or as a means of dealing with stress. They may even just be curious as to how far they can push themselves.

But if  you are a parent, it can be terrifying to discover your child has been involved in drug use. You worry about the potential physical damage he or she could suffer. And there is good reason to be concerned about the future, especially if he or she is ever arrested on drug charges.

At the law firm of Johnson & Johnson, we have experience helping parents whose children have gotten in trouble with the law. We recognize how younger people often make mistakes without realizing how serious the consequences may be.

We strive to find legal solutions that will be in your child’s best interests. This can include working to get the child the help he or she needs in a treatment or rehabilitation program. While your present situation may be difficult and even frightening, it is possible to turn things in a better direction.