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June 2016 Archives

Can coffee sober me up?

After a long night out, many individuals will resort to old standby tactics to sober up before driving home. This may include splashing water on their face, doing jumping jacks and chugging a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, like most alcohol-related myths, these tactics don't actually work. And chugging even five cups of coffee won't sober you up before driving home.

Diversion programs save money and prevent conviction

Diversion programs are federal programs that allow individuals who are facing criminal drug charges to avoid criminal conviction. While these "drug courts" have been used since the 1980s, they are receiving more attention now than ever before for being a viable alternative to imprisonment. At a time when the U.S. is spending billions to house prisoners, less expensive rehab programs such as these drug courts could end up saving billions of taxpayer dollars each year.

Is it possible to recover from false rape allegations?

Criminal allegations of any kind have the power to destroy a person's life, but none more than allegations of sex crimes. When an individual is accused of rape, it may feel as though they are already considered guilty by the public. However, when rape allegations turn out to be false, the accused may be surprised to find out that their exoneration does not necessarily change public opinion. Unfortunately, for many, it may never be possible to fully recover from false rape allegations.

New bill may end employment of transit drivers with DUI

For most people that have faced a DUI charge, the fines, penalties, and license suspension that are imposed on them are punishment enough without having it affect their employment. While the period of suspension following a DUI already makes going to and from work extremely difficult, imagining that it may impact employment further is terrifying. Unfortunately, if a newly introduced bill makes it through the Senate, this is exactly what will happen to many New Jersey transit workers.