After a long night out, many individuals will resort to old standby tactics to sober up before driving home. This may include splashing water on their face, doing jumping jacks and chugging a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, like most alcohol-related myths, these tactics don’t actually work. And chugging even five cups of coffee won’t sober you up before driving home.

There are a few things that can sober a person up, but coffee is not one of them. Only time and the body’s natural ability to metabolize alcohol will do the trick. Depending on how much an individual has had to drink, it may take several hours, even up to an entire day, to metabolize alcohol in the bloodstream. Coffee may give you a quick jolt of energy, but a system already slowed by the depressing effects of alcohol won’t benefit from caffeine.

While coffee won’t be able to help lower your BAC, it may help lower your inhibitions about driving after drinking. The caffeine in coffee works as a stimulant, actually powering your body against the depressing effects of alcohol. While it does nothing for your actual intoxication level, caffeine made trick your body into feeling sober, and your mind into believing it. Despite how you may feel after chugging java, it is important for you to know that caffeine and coffee do not a sober driver make.

It typically isn’t anyone’s plan to get pulled over for drunk driving, but it does happen. If you have been stopped for suspicion of DUI and face criminal charges, you may want to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney. With their help, criminal charges may be dropped or significantly reduced and you can get back to living life.