Teaching young people can be a very rewarding way to earn a living. But teachers are also vulnerable in regard to the relationships they establish with their students. And sometimes, the nature of a teacher’s personal interaction with a student may come into question.

If it is suspected that a teacher-student relationship became sexual in nature, the teacher could face very serious charges. And in New Jersey, a conviction for these charges could lead to some very serious penalties.

A newspaper analyzed 97 cases of teachers accused of having sexual relationships with students. Of those 97 cases, four actually went to trial while 93 of the defendants pled guilty. Fifty-four percent of the 72 male defendants received prison sentences, with the average term being 2.4 years. And 44 percent of the female defendants were given sentences that averaged 1.6 years in length.

Any teacher who is accused of having an intimate relationship with a student is likely to face some very serious consequences. First, such charges often draw the attention of the media, meaning the accused teacher will be the subject of intense public scrutiny and criticism. Moreover, at the very least, charges could result in the accused’s teaching license being suspended. If convicted, the teacher will have to register as a sex offender and could even be issued a prison sentence.

If you are a teacher being investigated for allegations of having had sexual relations with a student, having an experienced criminal defense attorney work on your behalf is extremely important. By taking the circumstances surrounding your case and the strength of the evidence against you into consideration, the attorney can employ a defense strategy aimed at helping you get your best possible outcome.