Although many people may admit to driving while intoxicated, not everyone that does it receives a DUI. In fact, for those that do, the embarrassment and lasting consequences that follow are typically enough to prevent it from ever happening again. When facing drunk driving charges, no matter the evidence against you, you don’t have to settle with the DUI. There are defense attorneys that can help.

Drunk driving charges can carry serious, lasting consequences. Not only is there a stigma attached to criminal charges, but the outcome may leave you facing a loss of license, penalties, fines or even jail time. The best bet when facing these charges is to work with an experienced DUI defense attorney. With their help drunk driving charges may be significantly reduced or even dropped altogether.

Contrary to common belief, drunk driving charges, even with a BAC reading, are not a slam-dunk. DUI defense attorneys know how to dismantle a drunk driving case and have experience and knowledge necessary to challenge BAC results. By thoroughly analyzing every aspect of a drunk driving case, experienced attorneys can determine the best defense for your situation. Whether that is by showing a lack of probable cause or addressing issues with a Breathalyzer machines maintenance and an officer’s training, a defense lawyer knows how to aggressively defend against drunk driving charges.

If you are facing a DUI, consider working with an experienced criminal defense attorney. With their knowledge of the law, your charges may be reduced or dropped. If needs be, these attorneys can effectively defend your rights in court.