Anyone can have a run of bad luck. Let’s say you don’t have a traffic ticket for ages and then one day you get one for speeding. This, in and of itself, is typically no big deal. But what happens if that ticket is quickly followed by another for another moving violation? Within a very brief period of time, you have gone from a spotless record to having two traffic tickets. You are not only facing fines but thanks to New Jersey’s point system, you may be getting precariously close to having your driving privileges suspended.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is tasked with monitoring violations committed by drivers and attaching points to their records. If you should amass 12 points or more on your driving record, your driving privileges will be suspended. And accruing just six points within a three year period will result in you having to pay a surcharge.

The good news is that there are ways you can have points removed from your record. One way is by taking driver education classes that have been approved by MVC. Also, points will be deducted if you are suspension and violation-free for a year.

While you may feel that a couple of points on your record is no big deal, consider just how important your driving privileges are on a daily basis. Can you afford to be unable to drive? Additionally, points on your record can mean an increase in your insurance premiums, which is even more money out of your pocket.

So, if you have received a citation for a moving violation, you may want to consider the advantages of having a criminal defense attorney act on your behalf in court. Given the circumstances, the attorney may be able to have the ticket dismissed or charges reduced, which will keep points off your record and protect your license to drive.