The amount of damage done to society by the scourge of opioid addiction cannot be overstated. The problem has grown to epidemic proportions with no clear end in sight. And this fact was recently acknowledged at the Democratic National Convention, where a special speaker took the stage to tell the country her story.

The speaker was a mother who told the gathered assembly about her daughter whose struggle with opioid addiction led her to undergo treatment. The mother spoke on how communities across the country have been devastated by the epidemic. She also addressed the fact that the addiction affects people of every race, age, income and gender.

Statistics support the mother’s description of the problem. The numbers tell us that that in 2014 opioid-related deaths jumped 16 percent over the previous year’s total to 18,893. And even more dismaying, in that same time frame, there was a 79 percent increase in deaths that involved the use of such drugs as tramadol and fentanyl.

On the positive side, President Barack Obama recently signed a bill that is intended to address the opioid crisis. And while such a law is definitely needed, its implementation faces funding issues.

So while it appears there are steps being taken in the right direction toward stemming the tide of opioid abuse in this country, there are still too many people who will have the misfortune of succumbing to addiction.

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Source:, “Democrats Address Opioid Epidemic At DNC,” CJ Arlotta, July 25, 2016