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September 2016 Archives

What factors do judges take into account during sentencing?

If you are ever charged with a crime, your case may end up in court where you will stand trial. While a jury will determine your innocence or guilt, it is the judge that will have the final word regarding your sentence. Each criminal act has a prescribed range of potential punishments, but the judge will decide where he or she believes a specific criminal's punishment should fall within that prescribed range.

Alcohol and drugs can exacerbate anxiety disorders

We live in very stressful times. Most of us have jobs, school or family responsibilities that can be difficult to keep up with. But some people have additional emotional burdens with which to contend. And sometimes, in an effort to feel better, people will reach for a drug or a drink. Self-medicating is not advisable, but it is also very common among those who suffer from depression and anxiety disorders.

Study demonstrates the negative effects of juvenile incarceration

When a teenager gets in trouble with the law, he or she will typically not be tried or convicted as an adult. Instead, teenagers face the possibility of being sent to a juvenile correctional facility. While the intent of the juvenile justice system may be to rehabilitate young people who have gotten in trouble with the law, there is evidence that the system is dangerously flawed.

New Jersey child pornography crackdown results in 40 arrests

Recently, New Jersey law enforcement authorities executed a series of arrests across the state in connection with an investigation being carried out to capture alleged possessors of child pornography. Forty individuals, reportedly all men ages 20 to 72, were arrested on a variety of charges that included possession of videos and images featuring children engaged in sexual activities and for possession of child pornography.