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October 2016 Archives

Halloween can create problems for paroled sex offenders

If you have been convicted of a sex crime and now have to register with your local sex offender registry, you are likely well aware of the limitations and requirements that have been placed on your life. And while at times, the way in which laws are applied may not seem fair, it is still very important you abide by them. To do otherwise could result in very serious consequences, including incarceration.

A domestic violence conviction could harm your custody rights

All relationships have their difficult moments. But sometimes tempers can get out of hand, and an argument can escalate past the yelling and screaming stage. And if you and your significant other should ever become involved in a physical altercation, it is possible that you could end up facing domestic violence charges.

Large-scale drug bust in Cape May leads to mass indictments

Law enforcement agencies in New Jersey place great emphasis on tracking down and convicting those they believe are involved in the drug trade. To this end, they may stake out an area and gather evidence on multiple parties prior to making mass arrests. And this strategy was recently on display in Cape May, where police indicted 26 individuals for various drug-related charges.

Recent New York policy demonstrates fear of sex offenders

If you are convicted of a sex crime, you may have to serve a prison sentence and, after being paroled, sign in at the local sex registry. This means that even if you have served your time, your personal life will still be under a microscope and your movements will be monitored.