Law enforcement agencies in New Jersey place great emphasis on tracking down and convicting those they believe are involved in the drug trade. To this end, they may stake out an area and gather evidence on multiple parties prior to making mass arrests. And this strategy was recently on display in Cape May, where police indicted 26 individuals for various drug-related charges.

In what was called “Operation Cold Front,” authorities claim that two Wildwood men were running a large-scale drug ring. Authorities reportedly seized more than 1,000 bags containing heroin, a small portion of cocaine, several guns, and $45,000 in cash.

One of the Wildwood men has previous drug and weapons-related convictions, and the other is facing weapons and burglary charges. Many of the others indicted are facing second-degree distribution of heroin and cocaine charges along with possession charges.

If you have been arrested as part of a large-scale drug bust, remember you have rights. Moreover, the authorities must be able to prove that you were complicit in the activities that motivated the operation.

It is all too easy to find yourself in proximity to illegal activity of which you played no active role. And your situation is made all the more precarious if you have a criminal record.

As such, it is critical to have experienced legal representation. The penalties for distribution can be especially harsh, and a conviction could lead to many years of incarceration. A knowledgeable drug crimes attorney could assess the evidence against you, and devise a defense strategy aimed at getting you the best possible outcome.

Source:,”26 indicted in Cape May County ‘Operation Cold Front’ drug bust,” Jeff Goldman, Oct. 7, 2016