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November 2016 Archives

Basic mistakes could cost you dearly when speaking with police

Almost everyone gets nervous when stopped by a police officer. During such encounters, you may be tempted to talk your way out of being ticketed or arrested. And while it is best if you are able to remain on as cordial terms as possible, you don't want to say or do anything self-incriminating. You need to remember that you have rights and as such, your cooperativeness does not have to extend to the point of hurting your own cause.

Why feeding an addiction becomes a matter of life and death

Far too often, the legal system seeks to impose severe penalties on drug addicts who have been arrested for possession. The thinking goes that addicts are the victims of poor decision making, and the best way to correct their behavior is through incarceration. But the fact is, in the mind of a person who is in the throes of an addiction, taking drugs is not a choice but rather a life-preserving necessity.

Youth's pumpkin prank results in weapon and assault charges

Halloween 2016 is now just a memory in the minds of New Jersey citizens. But for some, the antics of that night could have a lingering impact. When looking to cause mischief, it is all too easy for a teenager to make a bad, albeit silly, choice that takes a dark turn. And if the teen runs afoul of the law, he or she may have to face some serious consequences.

Sleep is not enough to counter the effects of alcohol

You are likely aware that it is not a good idea to drive if you are inebriated. Fortunately, there are options available such as taxi cabs, rideshares, and friends that can help you get home safely if you are not in a condition to get behind the wheel. And of course, all you need is a good night's sleep, and you'll be in shape to drive as soon as you wake up, right? Well, actually, this may not be the case.