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December 2016 Archives

More older Americans using marijuana

Recent research reveals an increase in marijuana use among Americans who are 50 years of age and older. Over 47,000 adults submitted data that indicate that from 2006 to 2013 there was a 71 percent surge in the number of older individuals using the drug. A geriatrician who is also a health-services researcher at a university says there are a number of possible reasons that older people are using marijuana, including for medical purposes.

New Jersey student arrested for making threats on social media

One of the greatest myths that we attempt to instill in our children is that their teenage years will be the happiest time of their lives. Of course, anyone who has lived through adolescence knows that it is a period that can be filled with conflict and angst. And while most teens are able to navigate safely into adulthood, there are those who have a more difficult time. And in a bout of emotional turmoil, an unhappy teen could act out in a very dangerous manner.

Police in Canada have unique punishment for holiday drunk driving

We know that over the holidays the police will be especially vigilant when looking for drivers they suspect are impaired. And the penalties for a drunk driving conviction in New Jersey can be quite extreme. But north of the border, in Canada, one police department is threatening to inflict some added punishment to those they arrest for driving drunk during the holiday season.

New Jersey offers steep penalties for child porn convictions

Any and all charges related to child pornography are extremely serious. Because acts involving child pornography are considered acts of child exploitation, there are both federal and state laws aimed at convicting those connected to its production, distribution and possession.