We know that over the holidays the police will be especially vigilant when looking for drivers they suspect are impaired. And the penalties for a drunk driving conviction in New Jersey can be quite extreme. But north of the border, in Canada, one police department is threatening to inflict some added punishment to those they arrest for driving drunk during the holiday season.

According to reports, if you are arrested for DUI in one particular small Canadian town, your ride to jail will be accompanied by the sounds of “Silver Side Up,” an LP by the band Nickelback. On its Facebook page, the police department calls the serenade a “bonus gift,” that will accompany a host of other penalties

Thus far we have heard no reports from local law enforcement officials threatening to play music by Nickelback or any other act when taking people into custody for DUI. Of course, you should count yourself lucky if being forced to listen to a pop band you don’t like is the worst thing that happens to you if you are arrested for driving under the influence. Unfortunately, this will hardly be the case.

A DUI conviction could result in fines, a loss of driving privileges and even jail time. In addition, you can expect a jump in your auto insurance premiums, and you will have the conviction on your permanent record.

Therefore, if you have been charged with DUI, you may want to have a criminal defense attorney handle your case. An attorney can look into your arrest to see if there were irregularities regarding your field sobriety test or if your rights were in some way violated. The attorney could also represent your interests in court in an effort to get you your best possible outcome.