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January 2017 Archives

Drunk driving accidents and vehicular homicide charges

It's one of the scariest feelings imaginable. You wake up in a jail cell with no idea how you got there. The last thing you remember is having a good time at the bar, and now you are wondering what happened to land you in your present predicament. Most of the time you will be told that you were taken in for such things as drunk driving or for being rowdy in a parking lot.

Man faces multiple drug-related charges after traffic stop

Law enforcement agencies are constantly trying to catch those who they believe are in possession of illegal drugs. And because of this, a routine traffic stop could lead to a world of trouble. This fact is illustrated by a recent situation that played out in Paramus, New Jersey.

State Supreme Court issues important ruling on youth sentencing

When a juvenile commits a serious criminal act, he or she should face some measure of consequences. However, often in such cases, juveniles have been handed sentences that keep them behind bars until they grow very old or even die. This course of legal action is typically not appropriate in most circumstances; at least that is what the New Jersey Supreme Court believes according to a recent ruling.

What should I do if the police ask about a friend?

Let's say the police knock on your door with a search warrant for your roommate. You grant them entry. They search the premises, and your roommate is nowhere to be found. The police also question you about the whereabouts of your roommate and you tell them you have no idea where he is, even though you know that he is hiding out at a friend's place. The police leave. You, being a good friend, call your roommate and let him know what just happened.