Law enforcement agencies are constantly trying to catch those who they believe are in possession of illegal drugs. And because of this, a routine traffic stop could lead to a world of trouble. This fact is illustrated by a recent situation that played out in Paramus, New Jersey.

According to a deputy police chief, officers pulled over a 32-year-old man for allegedly failing to maintain a lane. The officers report that they found a cache of drugs that were clearly visible inside the car. A search is also said to have revealed the presence of nearly $28,000 in cash stowed in various areas of the vehicle.

This man’s legal predicament demonstrates how one arrest could prove to be far more complicated than you may imagine. First, the man is now facing a litany of charges, including possession of heroin and money laundering. The man is also charged with possession of something called “khat,” which is a plant that is indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. The DEA maintains that khat, which has properties that can act as a stimulant, is illegal under the United States’ Controlled Substances Act.

This means if you are arrested under similar circumstances, you will likely have to figure out how to handle each of the charges in regard to a plea agreement. So, if you have been arrested on drug-related charges, it is important to have a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can help you understand your legal options and who can act on your behalf to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Source:, “Arabian drug seized in North Jersey bust, cops say,” Anthony G. Attrino, Jan. 19, 2017