An 18-year-old man was arrested last week after running out of gas while fleeing from the police. The authorities caught up with the alleged perpetrator after his car stalled in Boonton, New Jersey. He has been charged with multiple crimes, including drunk driving and producing a false government document.

According to police, they were patrolling the area of Route 46 east, which is near the south ramp of Route 53. They noticed a 2015 Ford Mustang pulled off on the side of the road and the hazard lights were on. The police then claim that they found the man asleep behind the wheel of the car, with the doors locked and windows rolled up. When the police approached the car, the man allegedly sped away.

After hitting a police car while fleeing, the man is then accused of traveling at dangerously high rates of speed, and the Denville police then ceased their pursuit. Minutes later, however, Boonton police apprehended the man when he ran out of gas. The man was charged with eluding the police, producing a fake government document, drunk driving, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, failure to signal, driving without a license, leaving the scene of an accident, no seat belt and failure to report an accident.

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Source:, “Man faces drunk driving charges after fleeing police, running out of gas”, March 15, 2017