According to a report from the county prosecutor, Hackensack police arrested four men who were allegedly operating a drug mill inside an Edgewater home. Police claim to have found $200,000 and a drug processing mill at the New Jersey location. Officers believe that the accused acquired the cash through illegal activities. Several arrests were made on various drug charges.

Money laundering charges were applied to two of the four men, after the police conducted an earlier investigation during which they found $68,881, according to the report. Both of those men were released from jail on their own recognizance to appear in the Bergen County Central Judicial Processing Court. At that time, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s office was told of the arrest and notified the Hackensack Police.

Edgewater Police, Hackensack Police and members of the prosecutor’s office were led to the home in Edgewater, where they reportedly expected to find narcotics and more cash. One man was found on the front porch, allegedly smoking marijuana. He was arrested on drug charges, of possession of marijuana, less than 50 grams. The officers then proceeded into the house with a search warrant.

Inside, officers claimed to have found a drug mill which consisted of 30 pounds of marijuana and 3 kilograms of cocaine. An ounce of heroin, a kilogram press machine, large digital scales, a handgun, $181,885 and a machine to count U.S. dollars was also reportedly discovered at the location. The fourth man was then arrested on several drug charges, including possession with intent to distribute a deadly substance, maintaining or operating a premise for manufacturing cocaine, possession of a handgun during the act of a controlled dangerous substance crime, and many others. All of the acts were reportedly done within a school zone and a park zone, which added more charges to the man’s arrest.

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Source:, “Edgewater man arrested on several drug charges after ‘drug mill’ bust”, Lindsey Kelleher, March 5, 2017