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April 2017 Archives

Man charged with drunk driving in roll-over crash

A man has been charged with DUI after causing a Jeep to roll over in an accident. The New Jersey man was said to have been drunk driving his vehicle when his vehicle crashed into the Jeep, causing it to flip onto its driver's side. He then allegedly fled the scene of the accident on foot, causing the police to have to search for him. His vehicle was left behind at the crash site, disabled.

State residents prefer rehabilitation for juvenile crime

In a recent poll, it was discovered that most state residents are not in favor of incarceration or punishment for underage criminals. In fact, as much as 85 percent of the population of New Jersey prefers some kind of prevention or rehabilitation for those found responsible for a juvenile crime. While most agree that a child should be held accountable for his or her actions, the severity of such accountability is in question.

New Jersey woman arrested for drunk driving re 2 bridge crashes

A 27-year old woman was recently arrested on drunk driving charges after allegedly causing two automobile accidents. She was said to have been traveling the wrong way on a New Jersey bridge when the crashes occurred. One driver claimed that he almost lost his life when the woman almost hit him head-on; instead, he was hit by another vehicle. She is accused of drunk driving and related charges.

Heroin found in airport dog kennel, 2 arrested on drug charges

Two men have been arrested after heroin was found underneath a dog kennel at an airport. The large dog crate allegedly held a Labrador Retriever and over 22 pounds of heroin. The drugs were stashed in a false bottom of the crate, which had been shipped from out of the country. Drug charges can be very serious in New Jersey.