Two men have been arrested after heroin was found underneath a dog kennel at an airport. The large dog crate allegedly held a Labrador Retriever and over 22 pounds of heroin. The drugs were stashed in a false bottom of the crate, which had been shipped from out of the country. Drug charges can be very serious in New Jersey.

One of the accused is 35-years old and the other is 27. They were both arrested on drug charges and conspiracy. The two men reportedly met at a local restaurant and traveled in two different vehicles to get to the airport. They supposedly engaged in a conversation before one of the men entered the cargo department. The man then allegedly signed the dog crate’s delivery receipt and began pushing the kennel towards the exit on one of the airport’s rolling carts.

Police stepped in at that time and arrested the man. A search warrant was obtained, and authorities then found the heroin. The drugs are said to be worth over a million dollars on the streets. The two men face up to 20 years in prison if they are convicted on the drug charges and charges of conspiracy.

While drug charges can be very serious, a knowledgeable criminal lawyer can help guide anyone who has been arrested for such an offense. Drug offenses can be fought, and the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor. In New Jersey, if a person finds him or herself facing drug possession, drug distribution, drug trafficking, or drug manufacturing charges, contacting an experienced criminal law attorney could be beneficial for his or her defense.

Source:, “Heroin found hidden in dog crate at New York’s Kennedy Airport”, March 28, 2017