A man has been charged with DUI after causing a Jeep to roll over in an accident. The New Jersey man was said to have been drunk driving his vehicle when his vehicle crashed into the Jeep, causing it to flip onto its driver’s side. He then allegedly fled the scene of the accident on foot, causing the police to have to search for him. His vehicle was left behind at the crash site, disabled.

When police, EMS workers and fire departments responded to the wreck, they found the overturned Jeep in the southbound lane. The car belonging to the allegedly drunk driver was found up against an iron fence nearby. Witnesses helped the driver of the Jeep get out of his vehicle and said that he had a cut on his head. They also claim to have seen the other driver fleeing the scene on foot.

The Jeep driver and his adult passenger were taken to a nearby hospital. The man accused of DWI was subsequently found by police and taken to another hospital. He was treated there and then formally issued drunk driving charges, along with driving on suspended license, failure to stay in the proper lane, failing to report a wreck and having an open alcoholic container in a vehicle.

While police say that the man was acting as if he were intoxicated, it is unclear whether a Breathalyzer test or blood draw was administered. In New Jersey, if someone has been accused of drunk driving, he or she has every right to contact an experienced criminal lawyer at the first opportunity. An attorney can help the client fight the charges against him or her, and seek the most beneficial result possible under the circumstances. 

Source: Hillsborough NJ Patch, “Drunk Driver Causes Overturned Jeep Crash In Montgomery: Police”, Alexis Tarrazi, April 24, 2017